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Josh Nachbar is an American record producer/audio engineer currently based out of Boston MA, with experience all over the U.S. Josh knows how to guide a recording project to its highest potential; artistic virtue with retention of commercial viability. Recently, a song he was directly involved with was placed in the upcoming movie Ask Me Anything and his original compositions are licensed through PARMA licensing.

Josh has the ability to understand artistic vision, while being able to help create music that’s commercially accessible. Management companies and labels can rest easy knowing that the recordings of any bands or artists sent his way will come back sounding not only great but usable or place-able in many facets of the music business. Josh knows how to achieve the sound of multiple genres and time periods, and loves working with the familiar as well as the new and challenging.

Wow what a stiff bio, right? Here’s what I’m actually like:

Artist with a natural ability to harness technology, natural leader, less of an asshole than you might guess.

After chasing the art of making really good sounding (and more importantly, feeling) recordings for an awfully long time, my most current method of working somewhat resembles project management. Yes, I blatantly stole it from other industries and applied it to music.

Here’s how it works, you have a really cool batch of songs and a budget. You get in touch with me, I take a listen and make you a proposal for where every dollar and cent should go, along with detailed reasoning of WHY I feel like it should go there. I send that to you, and if it doesn’t seem like the very best way forward, you tell me to go to hell. Or, if you dig it, I set it all up, make the calls, book the time, run the session, connect all the dots, etc.

Generally what we’ll do is pick a studio based on gear and microphone selection on a per instrument basis, and any other specific needs of the artists and their art, and then making it all so. Make sense? I think so.

I studied pro audio down to the molecular level, down to equations on impedance bridging and matching and calculating whether or not a cable should or should not be bridged based on a very large equation including bits about 1/4 wavelength of the highest frequency in question against the speed of light.

How will this help your music? HA! Yeah…

I also went off on my own, recorded and programmed a whole lot of original compositions both rocking and electric, and let them free into the world, was signed to a licensing agency, and have a long list of happy friends and clients who have greatly appreciated creative input, the stats say it’s working. And that is something that CAN help your music, that and after four years at Berklee, 6 years in professional studio environments, and writing for the likes of TapeOp magazine and sharing with all the connections cultivated therein, I can give you a fighting shot on being discovered. The rest is on you.

So don’t be a stranger. And I actually like giving novel-length feedback on rough recordings, do share!


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